What is the perfect automobile for me?

That is the question Josh Hancock answers for celebrities, film characters, corporate leaders, automakers, television viewers, radio listeners, friends and friends of friends… even strangers idling in the next lane. (It was Mike Myers who gave Josh the nickname JoshCAR during his work on the set of Austin Powers.)

Josh believes that everyone’s inner child comes with a perfect set of wheels and he tickles what that auto should be out of everyone he encounters.  Along the way, he sprinkles his fun loving probe with interesting little factoids from auto pop culture to mind boggling statistics.

 Now, Josh Hancock can’t wait to show what has made his career the best “ride of his life” – a process, rich with a humorous, eye-opening and irresistible view of human nature.  He is getting ready to roll out a new digital experience everyone can access full of JoshCAR encounters, celebrity insider news and auto factoids.

Case in point, thirty something Southern California resident Rebecca has two golden retrievers and likes to go to the nursery every weekend.  It would seem obvious she would own a wagon – how that Mini got into her garage instead is a fun, entertaining and a healing JoshCAR experience with a happy ending (well, maybe not so happy for her husband.)   – eaiken, @The Story Studio,

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